Messy Marvin eBook


Will I make it out alive? That question was my constant companion as I tried to escape my hell.

Marvin can be described as a monster. Many would agree. Hell, most all would agree, but like any other mirage, initially he appears as a perfect package. Loving, thoughtful, kind and generous are all characteristics he displays. Those characteristics, however, disguise his true nature. Controlling and insecure, he takes to physical violence and verbally berating me to keep me in line once he coaxes me into being his girlfriend and moving in with him. Marvin chokes, punches, sexually violates and terrorizes me almost daily as I struggle to keep my identity in tact and find a way to escape before he makes good on his regular threats to kill me. How in the world did I end up here?

Marvin chases me down in his car and tries with all his might to literally run me over. He’s shouting the entire time “I’m gonna kill you bitch!” After this final attempt to take me out, I refused to turn back. I know if I go back this time, I’ll never make it out alive again. Something within drives me and it is ultimately my will, instincts and sheer determination to live which propel me to take the necessary steps in order to escape his physical and emotional grip on my life.

This is my story. It is a true account of a time in my life before I knew who I was. It is a revealing look into what it is really like for the woman being abused in a relationship. Not the down trodden victim of socioeconomics or a broken home, but a regular ‘good girl.’ I found myself trapped by a man who had made it clear that he was capable of snuffing out my life.



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