4 Denim Trends That Are Easy To Work Into Your Rotation

Trying to keep up with trends is enough by itself. Once you’ve found ones you want to try, the added work of fitting them into your rotation can sometimes be so much of a hassle that it feels like you’ve waisted your time & money. Denim trends are no exception. 

Denim trends can be expensive, they can be out there and sometimes, denim trends can feel like too much trouble to even try.  But, aside from trendy jeans, denim itself is probably a staple in your wardrobe. That’s why fitting new denim trends into your wardrobe can be a bit of a headache. 

It’s not always as hard as you think…sometimes.  These 4 trends are easy and working them into your rotation will be a breeze.

split hem jeans

We’ve been seeing split hem jeans for a few seasons now, but the current version is a relaxed fit with a straight leg cut. This style comes in every wash and the relaxed fit takes the pressure off when it comes to worrying about comfort.

high rise straight leg jeans

Keeping with the relaxed fit and straight leg cut, the high waist pairs of these jeans are perfect. They pair well with heels or sneakers and they’ll get you through multiple seasons because you can pair them with long or short sleeved tops.

criss cross jeans

From any angle other than the front, these criss cross jeans look like a typical pair of denim you would find in almost anyone’s closet. But the detail at the waist does make these a particularly trendy pair of jeans. You can easily work them into your wardrobe because you can style them the same way you would style any other pair of your favorite jeans. 

balloon jeans

The 90’s are making a bit of a comeback and this pair of jeans is the proof. The balloon jeans are also in line with the more relaxed fits we’ve seen in other denim trends that are popular at the moment. They’re fitted at the waist and taper at the ankle with a wider fit throughout the mid section. These pair well with heels when rolled at the ankle. The balloon jeans also work with strappy sandals tied around the hem of the pant.  

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